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Press Release: September 23, 1999

New Edition of Bestselling Unix in a Nutshell Covers SVR4 and Solaris 7

SEBASTOPOL, CA -- Over half a million copies sold and still going strong! O'Reilly & Associates' has announced that the best-selling UNIX in a Nutshell has been updated to include thorough coverage of SVR4 and Solaris 7.

UNIX in a Nutshell -- the first book published in the popular In a Nutshell series-has surpassed 500,000 copies in print plus seven years on the Publishers Weekly computer book bestseller list. This title has achieved incredible staying power seldom seen among computer books. "UNIX may not be sexy or hot or new, but our book remains a bestseller," observes Tim O'Reilly, founder and president of O'Reilly & Associates.

"UNIX can be a little bit obscure and inconsistent, and it's also very terse. Even experienced users are always having to look things up," says Frank Willison, O'Reilly's editor-in-chief of technical publications. "This book lasted this long because our goal is to give users everything they need to know about UNIX...and nothing more. For some people, this is the only book on UNIX they have. It was designed to be a reference book to keep on one's desk."

O'Reilly publishes books that give users the power to "get under the hood" and make changes. "UNIX in a Nutshell boils down the subject to the kind of information that's looked up again and again, even by experienced users," Tim O'Reilly explains.

More than scaled-down quick reference of common commands, UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition, 3rd Edition, is a complete reference containing all commands and options, along with generous descriptions and examples to put the commands in context.

This latest release in the renowned "In a Nutshell" series includes the latest information about:

  • Sixty new commands in The Alphabetical Summary of Commands
  • Solaris 7
  • Shell syntax (sh, csh, and the 1988 and 1993 versions of ksh)
  • Regular expression syntax
  • vi and ex commands, as well as newly updated Emacs information
  • sed and awk commands
  • troff and related commands and macros, with a new section on refer
  • make, RCS (version 5.7), and SCCS commands
  • Obsolete commands

In addition, there is a new UNIX bibliography to guide the reader to further reading about the UNIX environment.

If you currently use UNIX SVR4, or if you're a Solaris user, you'll want this book. UNIX in a Nutshell is the most comprehensive quick reference on the market, a must for any UNIX user.

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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition, 3rd Edition
By Arnold Robbins
3rd Edition, September 1999 (US)
1-56592-427-4, 616 pages, $24.95 (US$)

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