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O'Reilly Releases New Webmaster in a Nutshell

Press release: June 21, 1999

SEBASTOPOL, CA--Behind every successful web page is an overworked and under-appreciated Webmaster. Webmasters make sure that the information on a site is accessible and usable; that the site is always available; that performance is good; that users can get the information they need; and that the site can collect the information it needs to serve those users. Juggling all this in an era of dizzying technological changes requires mastery of a huge array of tools and skills. A just-released book, Webmaster in a Nutshell (O'Reilly, $24.95), pulls together in a single volume all the essential reference information for Webmasters working on UNIX-based web servers.

"There are innumerable book and online resources for learning web-related skills," says Stephen Spainhour, co-author with Robert Eckstein of Webmaster in a Nutshell. "What this book does is pare them down into a single desktop-sized volume for easy reference. You may be whiz at CGI programming, but forget the syntax for sending cookies. You may know HTML fairly well, but can never remember the correct syntax for creating tables. You might forget the directive for creating directory aliases on your server or how to enforce password protection on documents."

The second edition of Webmaster in a Nutshell includes updated material on the latest versions of HTML and Javascript, and also expanded coverage of the newest technologies emerging on the Web. It covers:

  • HTML 4.0, with special attention to forms, tables and frames
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • XML, the next-generation markup language for the Web
  • CGI, with a chapter dedicated to the Perl module
  • JavaScript 1.2
  • PHP, the HTML-embedded programming language
  • HTTP 1.1, the underlying protocol that drives the Web
  • Apache server administration, including Apache modules
  • mod_perl, the Apache module for enhancing CGI performance and providing a Perl interface to the Apache API
  • Performance tips for the Web

Webmaster in a Nutshell, the latest in the bestselling O'Reilly "In a Nutshell" series, makes it easy to find the information you want about the technologies you use. While other books collect dust on the shelf; Webmaster in a Nutshell will become dog-eared next to your keyboard.

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Webmaster in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition
By Stephen Spainhour & Robert Eckstein
2nd Edition June 1999
1-56592-325-1, 540 pages, $24.95

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