Tim O’Reilly


An archive, in reverse chronological order, of essays, interviews, and talks relating to open source software.

Tech Cocktail Delivering Happiness at SXSW — March 2011. After a quick review of O'Reilly Media's history, I touch on a topic that I have recently become more involved in—I think there is a revolution brewing in health care. We are going to start having feedback on what works and what doesn't. We can apply technology to fix the lack of accountability and other important issues. I think a lot about how our entire society is in a bubble, not just a tech bubble… there are some really important issues that may have a dark future. "This is another reason to work on what matters. I love to have people take seriously that we need to make a better world."

Health 2.0 2010 — December 2010. In my keynote at this year's Health 2.0 conference, I spoke about how Web 2.0 technologies are changing the healthcare industry and what the major healthcare providers can learn from the dominant web players like Google and Amazon.

C-Span at Gov 2.0 Expo — July 2010. In this interview with C-Span at this year's Gov 2.0 Expo I explain in depth what I mean by the term Gov 2.0 and offer insights into how some of the applications could affect health care in particular.