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November 28, 2022

Learn MongoDB Atlas in 4 Hours

Presented by Joel Lord

Quickly Build a Serverless Web Application Using the Data Developer Platform MongoDB Atlas is more than a database, and developers can use it to build applications faster This course focuses on ...

December 2, 2022

Getting Started with Cloud Computing

Presented by Michael Shannon

Essential Knowledge for Cloud Basics and Studying for the CompTIA Cloud+ Exam Cloud computing is quickly becoming one of the most important topics you can learn to stay current in today’s ...

November 14, 15, 16 & 17, 2022

Anatomy of an Attack

Presented by Razi Rais

Ransomware, social engineering, supply chain, AI, and quantum threats In this course you’ll: Examine ransomware attacks and the operations of prominent ransomware groups Explore supply chain attacks and commonly used attack ...

November 7, 9 & 11, 2022

Hands-On Design Patterns

Presented by Shaimaa Ali

Understand and use behavioral, creational, and structural patterns to speed your development In this course you’ll: Identify and differentiate between the patterns available Learn how to implement each of the patterns ...

November 2, 2022

TensorFlow 2.0: Neural Networks and Working with Tabular Data

Presented by Jonathan Fernandes

A hands-on introduction to TensorFlow Learn what neural networks are and how to use them with basic image and tabular data Work with a new dataset and create a neural network ...

November 7, 2022

Machine Learning with Python

Presented by Noureddin Sadawi

How to Create Production-Quality Machine Learning Pipelines Develop Python code pipelines for data engineering and machine learning model training. Use existing powerful open-source packages, like scikit-learn, to write your own professional ...