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June 8, 2021

Agile for Everybody

Presented by Matt LeMay

The essentials of Agile and Lean Agile and Lean practices have completely transformed the way that software development teams work. And yet, many organizations struggle to extend and integrate these practices ...

June 14, 2021

Job Search Strategies: How to Identify and Land Your Next Job

Presented by Roy Weissman

7 steps to creating an effective job search system Looking for a new job—it’s the one thing that we look forward to less than a visit to the dentist. Fraught with ...

May 18, 2021

Introduction to the Bash Shell

Presented by Ian Miell

Master the most commonly-used technology in tech Bash is a technology used on a daily basis by almost all software engineers working on a Mac or Linux machine. Often taken for ...

June 2, 2021

Infrastructure & Ops Hour: Microservices and Ops with Chris O'Dell

Presented by Sam Newman, Chris O'Dell

Join us for a special conversation on Kubernetes with Sam Newman and Chris O’Dell. They’ll discuss the tools you need to succeed with a microservices-style architecture, how to handle the challenges ...

May 18, 2021

Gitops First Steps

Presented by Ian Miell

Deployment methods for cloud native and Kubernetes systems GitOps is the latest architectural concept to arise in the cloud native world. Building on DevOps, with its emphasis on pipelines and automation, ...

May 24, 2021

JavaScript First Steps

Presented by Tamas Piros

Learn the fundamentals of the most used programming language JavaScript was created as a scripting language to enhance HTML pages 24 years ago. Today it plays a crucial part in the ...