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October 1, 2020

Building a mind-set for professional development and growth

Presented by Susanna Katsman

How to thrive in times of ambiguity Rapid change can cause ambiguity, which may hinder focus and productivity in the workplace. Join expert Susanna Katsman to learn how to approach ambiguity ...

October 22, 2020

Azure Administrator Certification (AZ-104) Crash Course

Presented by Iain Foulds

Hands-on learning of core exam topics There are more than 150 Azure services all around the world, but the core compute, network, and storage features are what’s most commonly used for ...

October 29, 2020

Azure Architect Certification (AZ-303) crash course

Presented by Iain Foulds

A hands-on dive into core exam topics If you want to design and architect more complex application workloads in Azure, you’re ready to move beyond the core infrastructure and compute resources. ...

October 27, 2020

Google Cloud Platform: Professional Cloud Architect certification prep

Presented by Janani Ravi

Preparing for the GCP Professional Cloud Architect certification The most comprehensive and sought-after Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification is Professional Cloud Architect. If you have experience with any other major cloud ...

October 15, 2020

Succeeding with a Microservices Architecture

Presented by Nathaniel Schutta

Best Practices for Making the Move to Microservices These days, you can’t swing a dry erase marker without hitting someone talking about microservices. Teams are refactoring monolithic apps, looking for bounded ...

October 23, 2020

Quarkus First Steps

Presented by John Clingan

What every developer should know Quarkus is growing rapidly in popularity for cloud native development among Java developers. It offers a strong adherence to developer productivity ("developer joy"), broad framework support, ...