4+1 View Model of Architecture (Krutchen), 72, 77


Accountability, not delegating, 49–50

Acquisition projects, bringing discovery to, 129–133

Advisors, strategic partnerships with, 73

Agendas, creating neutral, 60–61

Agile development

Agile processes as means to pragmatism, 216–217

applying Agile techniques, 188

Agreement. See Negotiation

Aligned partners

funding and, 237–238

key elements in establishing vision, 228

key stakeholders and, 236–237

overview of, 235

vision requiring alignment, 235–236

Alignment, role of vision in, 227


knowing what is possible, 167–168

presenting and making recommendations, 223

presenting instead of simple no, 33–34

Ambiguity, dealing with, 216


accepting, 111

apologize early principle ...

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