To enable managers and supervisors to examine the impact of values on
To develop skill in information analysis
To enable managers and supervisors to practice consensus-seeking
This activity is helpful in clarifying personal values, improving problem-
solving skills, increasing influence, and developing team-building skills.
This is a group activity for four to eight persons. It takes approximately 1½
hours to complete. Participation should be voluntary.
1. It is helpful to have one member of the group observe the way in which
the group operates, and then lead a review session when the activity is
completed. The observer should be appointed before the session begins,
and should read Activity 31: Process Review, prior to the session.
2. The observer should distribute a copy of the Cave Rescue Briefing Sheet,
the Volunteers’ Personal Details Sheet, and the Ranking Sheet to each
member. During the activity, the observer will keep time. Fifty minutes is
allowed for completion of the task.
3. At the end of the task, the observer distributes a copy of the Review Sheet
to each participant. This sheet takes about five minutes to complete. The
observer then leads a review discussion for approximately 40 minutes and
concludes the session by asking, “What knowledge from this activity may
be useful in our daily work?”
Reproduced from 50 Activities for Self-Development, by
Dave Francis and Mike Woodcock, Amherst, MA: HRD Press, 1992, 2008
Cave Rescue Briefing Sheet
Your group is asked to take the role of a research management committee that
is funding projects concerning human behavior in confined spaces.
You have been called to an emergency meeting, because one of the experiments
has gone badly wrong.
Six volunteers have been taken into a cave system in a remote part of the
country, connected only by a radio link to the research hut near the cave
entrance. It was intended that the volunteers would spend four days
underground, but they have been trapped by falling rocks and rising water.
The only rescue team available tells you that rescue will be extremely difficult.
Only one person can be brought out each hour with the equipment currently at
their disposal. It is likely that the rapidly rising water will drown some of the
volunteers before the volunteers are rescued.
The volunteers are aware of the dangers of their plight. They have contacted the
research hut using the radio link, and have said that they are unwilling to make
a decision as to the sequence by which they will be rescued. By the terms of the
Research Project, the responsibility for making this decision now rests with your
Life-saving equipment will arrive at the cave entrance in 50 minutes. You will
need to advise the team of the order for rescue by completing the ranking sheet.
The only information you have available on the six volunteers comes from the
project files. It has been reproduced on the Volunteers’ Personal Details Sheet.
You may use any criteria you think fit to help you make a decision as to which
volunteers will be rescued first.

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