Chapter 1. Gaining Data Warehouse Success

You've heard about them. You may have used one. You may be asked to pay for one. But what is a data warehouse and why should you invest any time, energy, and money on one? The short answer is that a data warehouse can help your organization to be more profitable, run more efficiently, and meet the challenges of today's marketplace. Yet it is not a quick, simple, or inexpensive undertaking to build a data warehouse.

There is often a disconnect between the technical side that builds and maintains a data warehouse and the business side that will use it. This book will help bridge that gap. Both business managers and IT managers will learn what is involved with building and deploying a successful data warehouse. Executives and senior managers will also find this book helpful, especially Part 1, in order to be able to provide effective oversight and support. This book will also be beneficial for all business and technical personnel involved with a data warehouse, providing a common foundation for better communication. Managers on both sides need the knowledge and information that will enable them to help their organization build and use a data warehouse most effectively, and this book is the path to that knowledge.

This chapter explains the value of a data warehouse and highlights what is needed for success. To help frame the discussion, the chapter begins with some definitions.

The Essentials of Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is not new. Most ...

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