Schema Naming Context

The Schema NC contains objects representing the classes and attributes that Active Directory supports. The schema is defined on a forest-wide basis, so the Schema NC is replicated to every domain controller in the forest. The root of the Schema NC can be found in the Schema container, which is a subcontainer of the Configuration container. For example, in the forest, the Schema NC would be located at cn=schema,cn=configuration,dc=mycorp,dc=com.


Although the Schema container appears to be a child of the Configuration container, it is actually a separate naming context in its own right. Figure 3-1 shows how the Schema and Configuration NCs are segregated in the ADSI Edit tool.

ADSI Edit view of the Configuration and Schema Naming Contexts

Figure 3-1. ADSI Edit view of the Configuration and Schema Naming Contexts

You may be wondering why the schema isn’t just contained within the Configuration NC. As we covered in Chapter 2, there is a Schema FSMO role that is the single master for updates to schema objects. The Schema FSMO role is necessary due to the highly sensitive nature of the schema and the fact that two conflicting schema updates could spell disaster for a forest. Since there is only a single domain controller that schema changes can be made on, the schema must replicate differently from the Configuration NC, which can be updated by any domain controller in the forest.

Unlike the Domain and Configuration NCs, ...

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