Advanced Use Case Modeling: Software Systems

Book description

"This book isn't just another introduction to use cases. The authors have used their wealth of experience to produce an excellent and insightful collection of detailed examples, explanations, and advice on how to work with use cases."

–Maria Ericsson

The toughest challenge in building a software system that meets the needs of your audience lies in clearly understanding the problems that the system must solve. Advanced Use Case Modeling presents a framework for discovering, identifying, and modeling the problem that the software system will ultimately solve.

Software developers often employ use cases to specify what should be performed by the system they're constructing. Although use case-driven analysis, design, and testing of software systems has become increasingly popular, little has been written on the role of use cases in the complete software cycle. This book fills that need by describing how to create use case models for complex software development projects, using practical examples to explain conceptual information.

The authors extend the work of software visionary Ivar Jacobson, using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) as the notation to describe the book's models. Aimed primarily at software professionals, Advanced Use Case Modeling also includes information that relates use case technique to business processes.

This book presents a process for creating and maintaining use case models in a framework that can be fully customized for your organization. The authors, pioneers in the application of use cases in software development, bring their extensive experience to cover topics such as:

  • A process model for applying a use case model

  • How to keep your use case modeling effort on track

  • Tips and pitfalls in use case modeling

  • How to organize your use case model for large-system development

  • Similarities between Advanced Use Case Modeling and the Rational Unified Process framework

  • Effect of use cases on user interface design

  • Guidelines for quality use case modeling

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. The Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series
  5. Foreword
  6. Preface
  7. Introduction
  8. Part 1. Fundamentals
    1. Chapter 1. Actors
    2. Chapter 2. Use Cases
  9. Part 2. Project Initiation
    1. Chapter 3. Scoping the System: Vision Document and Business Case
    2. Chapter 4. Balancing the Software System Use Case Model
  10. Part 3. Advanced Use Case Modeling Framework: Initial Use Case Model
    1. Chapter 5. Introduction to the System Use Case Modeling Process Framework
    2. Chapter 6. Preparing for Use Case Modeling and Determining Use Case Approach
    3. Chapter 7. Performing Initial Use Case Modeling
  11. Part 4. Advanced Use Case Modeling Framework: Expanding the Use Case Model
    1. Chapter 8. Develop Base Use Case Descriptions
    2. Chapter 9. Elaborate the Base Use Case Description
    3. Chapter 10. Model Extend, Include, and Generalization Relationships
    4. Chapter 11. Add Supplemental Information to the Use Case Model
    5. Chapter 12. Map Use Cases to Object Models
    6. Chapter 13. Develop Instance Scenarios
    7. Chapter 14. Create Test Cases and Documentation
    8. Chapter 15. Organize the Use Cases
  12. Part 5. Additional Topics
    1. Chapter 16. Building User Interfaces
    2. Chapter 17. Coping with Change
    3. Chapter 18. Creating Your Advanced Use Case Modeling Process
    4. Chapter 19. Ensuring a Successful Use Case Modeling Effort
  13. Appendix A. Use Case Development Review Checklist
  14. Appendix B. Development Case for Advanced Use Case Modeling
  15. Appendix C. Simplified Loan Processing System
  16. Appendix D. Simplified Loan Processing System User Interface Specification
  17. Bibliography
  18. Index
  19. Footnotes
    1. Chapter 4
    2. Chapter 12
    3. Chapter 16

Product information

  • Title: Advanced Use Case Modeling: Software Systems
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2000
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 9780201615920