NAVIGATING YOUR WAY through the world of tools and electrical components can be difficult, but luckily the growth of do-it-yourself electronics and coding projects has made it easier than ever before to find what you need for your Arduino project.

Starter Kits

A really easy way to get going with the adventures in this book is to buy a starter kit. A starter kit will include an Arduino Uno and almost all the components you need like LEDs, resistors and a servo. You can compare the list of components you need in the Introduction with what is available in a starter kit and then buy whatever isn’t included. You will still need to buy an Arduino Leonardo and Lilypad Arduino USB separately to complete Adventures 7 and 8

Almost all the stores listed in this appendix sell their own starter kits, so there are lots of options. The Arduino company makes its own starter kit that comes with a whole book of projects. You can buy it from a reseller or directly from the Arduino shop online (

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

A brick-and-mortar store simply means a shop! Being able to walk into a store to find the components you need has some benefits. For example, when working with physical components, it’s always useful to be able to pick them up and see them for yourself. You can also ask questions from the helpful staff in the store. Plus, you don’t have ...

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