Accounting for change, 180, 224, 245

Accounting for rework, 224, 245–246

Activity Based Costing (ABC), 26

Adaptive behavior, emergence of, 109

Agile management theory and roles, 109, 185

Agile Manifesto principle, 12

Agile methods

agility, defining, 293

applicability of, 291

business benefit of, 155–159

expedite, as ability to, 293–294

maturity progression, 297

problem domain verus process map, 291

process space, division of, 291–293

scale versus ability to expedite, 294–295

statistical process control, and, 295–296

transferable quality improvement, 297–300

Agile software production metrics, 49

Analysis maturity continuum, 280–282

Anticipated ROI, use of, 111

Archetypes, 181

Artisan skills, 298, 299

Attributing value to a release,

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