4Application of Agricultural Drones and IoT to Understand Food Supply Chain During Post COVID-19

Pushan Kumar Dutta1* and Susanta Mitra2

1Amity University Kolkata, Kolkata, India2The Neotia University, Sarisha, India


The role of smart farming by gathering information on productive crop management has been addressed. Current advances in data management for smart farming acquired using sensors based data driven architecture has been found to increase efficiency in generating both qualitative and quantitative approaches along a range of challenges that will shake the existing agriculture methodologies. The study highlights the potential of wireless sensors and IoT in agriculture and similar techniques which are feasible for surveillance and monitoring from sowing and harvesting and similar packaging operations. In this study, we highlight the technologies in IoT by highlighting the design of a novel drone concept with 3D mapping and addressing post COVID19 issues in agriculture and proposed monitoring in comparative analysis. The role of emerging technology in particular the participation of the IoT, is very critical in achieving this aim. Our study reviews that artificial intelligence based decision making system will create supplementary benefits of precision agriculture. Machine learning also gives a critical role in farming in terms of nutrients management. It is further found that automation in agriculture through IoT is a proven technology even for small farms that ...

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