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AIX 5L Practical Performance Tools and Tuning Guide

Book Description

This IBM Redbook incorporates the latest AIX 5L performance and tuning tools. It is a comprehensive guide about the performance monitoring and tuning tools that are provided with AIX 5L Version 5.3, and it is the ultimate guide for system administrators and support professionals who want to efficiently use the AIX performance monitoring and tuning tools and understand how to interpret the statistics.

The usage of each tool is explained along with the measurements it takes and the statistics it produces. This redbook contains a large number of usage and output examples for each of the tools, pointing out the relevant statistics to look for when analyzing an AIX system's performance from a practical point of view. It also explains the performance API available with AIX 5L and gives examples about how to create your own performance tools.

This redbook also contains an overview of the graphical AIX performance tools available with AIX 5L and the AIX Performance Toolbox Version 3.0.

This redbook is a rework of the very popular redbook AIX 5L Performance Tools Handbook, SG24-6039, published in 2003.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
    1. Performance overview
      1. Performance expectations
      2. Introduction to the performance tuning process
    2. Performance analysis and tuning
      1. CPU performance
      2. Memory overview
      3. Disk I/O performance
      4. Network performance
  4. Performance tools
    1. General performance monitoring tools
      1. The topas command
      2. The jtopas utility
      3. The perfpmr utility
      4. Performance Diagnostic Tool (PDT)
      5. The curt command
      6. The splat command
      7. The trace, trcnm, and trcrpt commands
    2. CPU analysis and tuning
      1. CPU overview
      2. CPU monitoring
      3. CPU related tuning tools and techniques
      4. CPU summary
    3. Memory analysis and tuning
      1. Memory monitoring
      2. Memory tuning
      3. Memory summary
    4. Network performance
      1. Network overview
      2. Hardware considerations
      3. Network monitoring
      4. Network monitoring commands
      5. Network packet tracing tools
      6. NFS related performance commands
      7. Network tuning commands
    5. Storage analysis and tuning
      1. Data placement and design
      2. Monitoring
      3. Tuning
  5. Case studies and miscellaneous tools
    1. Case studies
      1. NIM case study
      2. POWER5 case study
      3. Case study: NIM server
      4. POWER5 case study
    2. Miscellaneous tools
      1. Workload manager monitoring (WLM)
      2. Partition load manager (PLM)
      3. A comparison of WLM and PLM
      4. Resource monitoring and control (RMC)
    3. Performance monitoring APIs
      1. The performance status (Perfstat) API
      2. System Performance Measurement Interface
      3. Performance Monitor API
      4. Miscellaneous performance monitoring subroutines
    4. Source code
      1. perfstat_dump_all.c
      2. perfstat_dude.c
      3. spmi_dude.c
      4. spmi_data.c
      5. spmi_file.c
      6. Spmi_traverse.c
      7. dudestat.c
    5. Trace hooks
      1. AIX 5L trace hooks
    6. Abbreviations and acronyms
    7. Related publications
      1. IBM Redbooks
      2. Other publications
      3. Online resources
      4. How to get IBM Redbooks
      5. Help from IBM
  6. Back cover
  7. Index