Chapter 4

Creating the User Interface

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up the Silent Mode Toggle application

arrow Designing the layout

arrow Developing the user interface

arrow Adding an image and a button widget

arrow Making a launcher icon

arrow Previewing your work

In Chapter 3, you discover what Android is and how to build your first application. Chapter 4 helps you delve into the fun stuff: building a real application and publishing it to the Google Play Store.

The application you build in this chapter allows the user to toggle the ringer mode on the phone by simply pressing a button. This application seems simple, but it solves a real‐world problem.

Creating the Silent Mode Toggle Application

Create the new application by choosing File⇒New Module from inside the project you created in Chapter 3. Choose Phone and Tablet Application from the list, and then click Next. Use Table 4-1 for your module settings.

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