16Latin America


New momentum was given to Mexican animation by Alfonso Vergara Andrade. In 1934, this otolaryngologist, enamoured of animated cartoons, founded AVA Studios in Mexico City along with two partners, Antonio Chavira and Francisco Gómez. The studio lasted three years and produced eight shorts.

Paco Perico en première (Paco Perico’s Premiere, 1935) was basically a gag film according to the American model.1 Los cinco cabritos (The Five Little Goats, 1936), directed by Bismarck Mier (the only old-timer who hadn’t given up after the Pruneda studio had flopped), was the Mexican version of Disney’s Three Little Pigs (1933). This is worth mentioning because it was the first Mexican colour animated film. The system used was the bichromic ...

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