Invokes the javadoc utility. Unlike other Ant tasks, this task performs no dependency analysis, so all documentation is generated with each usage.

Older versions of javadoc simply ignore attributes that are not supported.


access (1.4, Enum, N)

One of public, protected, package, or private. Defaults to protected, meaning that all protected and public classes and members are included in the output. These directly correspond to JavaDoc’s -public, -protected, -package, and -private command-line flags.

additionalparam (all, String, N)

Additional parameters for the JavaDoc command line. Use " for parameters requiring quotes.

author (all, boolean, N)

If true, include @author tags. Defaults to true.

bootclasspath (all, Path, N)

The bootstrap classpath to use.

bootclasspathref (all, Reference, N)

A reference to a bootstrap classpath defined elsewhere in the buildfile.

bottom (all, String, N)

HTML to include in the bottom of each page.

charset (all, String, N)

Charset for cross-platform viewing of generated documentation.

classpath (all, Path, N)

The classpath to use.

classpathref (all, Reference, N)

A reference to a classpath defined elsewhere in the buildfile.

defaultexcludes (1.4, boolean, N)

Determines whether to use default excludes, as described in Chapter 4 under “FileSet DataType.” Defaults to true.

destdir (all, File, *)

Destination directory for generated documentation.

docencoding (all, String, N)

Output character encoding name — for example, “UTF-8” .

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