Access control, and shared clusters, 1415

ACLs (Access Control Lists)

administration of ResourceManager, 109

Application ACLsManager, 119120

ApplicationMaster and, 139

Capacity scheduler queues using, 47

evolution of shared clusters, 12

queues and, 159160

Ad hoc clusters, 3

Admin window, Ambari dashboard, 103

Administration of YARN

adding/decommissioning nodes, 107108

with Ambari, 99103

configuring Capacity scheduler, 108

JVM analysis, 103105

managing jobs, 109110

monitoring basic Hadoop services, 9295

monitoring cluster health with Nagios, 9092

monitoring JVM, 9597

overview of, 85

real-time monitoring with Ganglia, 9798

refreshing ACLs for administration of ResourceManager, 109

refreshing superuser proxy groups mappings, ...

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