Chapter 6. Mixing Music and Effects



Lesson Files

GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_06 > RootsRockStart; RootsRockMixed; RootsRock MixedFX


GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_06 > HighwayBoundFX; HighwayBoundDYN; HighwayBoundUnmxd; HighwayBoundFinal


This lesson takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.


Work with the arrange track


Create a basic mix


Balance volume levels on individual tracks


Pan tracks


Add effects to a track and the overall song


Work with volume and pan automation curves


Dynamically pan a track


Work with the master track


Work with ducking

As you learned in Lesson 3, you can record and create professional-quality music with GarageBand. However, to make your finished songs actually sound professional, you need to understand the ...

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