2    Acoustics and acoustic devices

Bob Walker

Senior Research Engineer, BBC

2.1   Room acoustics

2.2   Sound isolation and noise control

Michael Talbot-Smith


2.3.1–6   Microphones

Chris Woolf

Technical Consultant, Rycote Microphone Windshields

2.3.7   Windshielding

John Borwick

Audio Director, Gramophone

2.4   Loudspeakers and headphones

Francis Rumsey

Senior Lecturer, University of Surrey

2.5   Stereo

2.6   Microphones for stereo

John L. Andrews

Sales and Marketing Consultant, BCD Audio

2.7   Analogue sound mixing equipment

Peter Baxandall

Former Electro-Acoustical Consultant (Deceased)

2.8   Power amplifiers, control units and preamplifiers

Alan Tutton

Lecturer, Audio Operations Training, BBC

2.9   Limiters and compressors

2.1 Room ...

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