Chapter 10. Transport Phenomena: Fluid Flow

10.1 Shear Rate and Viscosity

10.2 Laminar versus Turbulent Flow

10.3 Vectors and Tensors

10.4 Shell Balances

10.5 The Equations of Motion

10.6 Dimensional Analysis

10.7 The Reynolds Number and the Fanning Friction Factor

10.8 The Bernoulli Equation

10.9 Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow

10.10 Centrifugal Pumps and Feet of Head

10.11 Concluding Comments



This chapter, as well as Chapters 11, “Transport Phenomena: Heat Transfer,” and 12, “Transport Phenomena: Mass Transfer,” will deal with the subject of transport phenomena, the movements of materials, momentum and energy. The subject is perhaps the most mathematically rigorous of all the courses in chemical engineering. Although not a “unit ...

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