Appendix B. XHTML Element Reference

This appendix is a quick reference to the elements that are in the HTML and XHTML recommendations. They are listed with the attributes each element can carry and a brief description of their purpose.

Please be aware that this appendix features deprecated elements, which are marked with the word "deprecated" next to them; you should avoid using these elements where possible because they are marked for removal from future specifications.

There are also several elements that are used just to control the presentation of documents, without describing their contents or the structure of the information in the document. You should avoid using these elements, and aim to use CSS to control the presentation of your documents instead.

When an element has only been introduced recently, I will note the first version of Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox (FF) to support the element next to the element's name, starting with IE6 and FF2.

Finally, all attribute values should be given inside double quotation marks, and any attribute listed without a value should have the name of the attribute repeated as its value in order to be XHTML-compliant — for example, disabled = "disabled".

Core Attributes

Core Attributes

Unless otherwise stated, the core attributes can be used with all of the elements in this appendix.

class = name

Specifies a class for the element to associate it with rules in a style sheet

dir = ltr | rtl

Specifies the direction for rendering text (left to right ...

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