Understanding how to design systems to run in the cloud has never been more important than it is today. Cloud computing is rapidly transitioning from a niche technology embraced by startups and tech-forward companies to the foundation upon which enterprise systems build their future. In order to compete in today’s marketplace, organizations large and small are embracing cloud architectures and practices.

At Pivotal, my job is to ensure customers succeed with Cloud Foundry. On a typical engagement, I focus mostly on working with operations teams to install and configure the platform, as well as training them to manage, maintain, and monitor it. We deliver a production-grade, fully automated cloud application runtime and hand it over to developers to seize the benefits of the cloud. But how is this achieved? Developers are often left with many questions about the disciplines and practices they should adopt to build applications designed to take advantage of everything the cloud offers. Beyond the Twelve-Factor App answers those questions and more.

Whether you are building new applications for the cloud or seeking to migrate existing applications, Beyond the Twelve-Factor App is an essential guide that should be on the shelf of every developer and architect targeting the cloud.

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