In scientific papers, acknowledgements often come at or near the end of an article. In writing a book like this, I feel it appropriate to recognize the contributions made by a whole plethora of people, and acknowledge their help earlier rather than later.

First, I should like to express my heartfelt thanks to my group at the Edward Jenner Institute and, latterly, the Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research, University of Oxford. My group has, over the years, included a host of outrageously gifted and remarkably insightful researchers; they include, in no particular order: Matthew Davies, Channa Hattotuwagama, Pingping Guan, Paul Taylor, Helen Cattan, Valerie Walshe, Helen McSparron, Shunzhou Wan, Martin Blythe, Hannah Tipney, Keiran Raine, Sarah Thompson, Karma Dorje Tarap, Kamna Ramakrishnan, Christopher Toseland, Shelley Hemsley, Debra Clayton, Christianna Zygouri, Kelly Paine and Isabel McDonald.

I should also like to single out one colleague for special mention: Dr Irini A Doytchinova, for her inestimable contribution to the group and to the work I mention in this text. I do not suppose I would have done nearly so much without her help.

I should also thank my many colleagues for their enlightening and nurturing comments. Most notable are: Professor Peter Beverley, Dr Persephone Borrow, Dr David Tough, Dr Tongbin Li, Professor Vladimir Brusic, Professor Terri Attwood, Dr Jon Timmis and Professor Peter Coveney.

There are, of course, a vast number of others particularly, ...

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