• Inkjet Printers and Papers

  • Calibrating Your Equipment

  • Creating Black-and-white Prints

  • Digital Output Options and Ideas

After spending the time shooting your images and perfecting them in black and white, it is time to show them off. Whether you are making prints to hang on your wall, show a gallery, or keep in an online portfolio, there are plenty of great ways you can display and share your black-and-white photographs. It takes some time to make the final image meet your specifications, but with a little effort, your final images will be worthy of the wall space.


The most common way for photographers to create great black-and-white images is by using an inkjet printer. As with cameras, the selection of good quality is vast. While many models are capable of creating excellent quality prints, each printer has distinct characteristics. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding which printer will be best for your black-and-white images.

The first is whether you want a printer that uses pigments or dye-based inks. Along with evaluating the differences between these ink types, you are also making a longer-term decision: whether you are going to expand your black-and-white photography to the point where it's important to have a photo-specific printer. Pigment-based printers, which are available from Canon, Epson, ...

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