Chapter 1. Introducing BlackBerry Desktop Manager

In This Chapter

  • Choosing the correct version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager

  • Downloading and installing BlackBerry Desktop Manager

  • Running Desktop Manager for the first time

The centerpiece of your desktop activities on the BlackBerry is BlackBerry Desktop Manager, which is a suite of programs that include the following:

  • Application Loader: Installs BlackBerry applications and updates the BlackBerry handheld software. (In Book IV, Chapter 6, we tell you how to use Application Loader.)

  • Backup and Restore: Backs up your BlackBerry data and settings. (Check out Book IV, Chapter 4 for details.)

  • Synchronize: Synchronizes BlackBerry data to your PC (the topic of this chapter and discussed further in Book IV, Chapter 2).

  • Media Manager: Uploads media files to your BlackBerry from your PC and vice versa. (See Book V, Chapter 1 for instructions on using this program.)

  • Device Switch Wizard: Helps you transfer data from your existing mobile device to your BlackBerry. (See Book IV, Chapter 5 for details.)

This software allows you to synchronize your personal information manager, or PIM, data (see Book IV, Chapter 2) and upload or download media files between your PC and BlackBerry. (See Book V Chapter 1.) It also helps you upgrade your BlackBerry handheld software (see Book IV, Chapter 6) and back up or restore your device data. (See Book IV, Chapter 4.)

In this chapter, we introduce BlackBerry Desktop Manager. We show you how to choose, download, and install ...

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