Chapter 3


As discussed in the introduction of this book, a crisis situation can take many forms. It can slowly creep up on us over time or it can happen in a heartbeat. Either way, once it arrives we are painfully aware of it. With the right mindset we can turn any crisis into an opportunity, especially if we embrace the principle Proximity is Power. But transitioning out of crisis rarely means flicking a switch or making a single decision that will miraculously lift us out of the crisis unscathed. We need to accept that change will not normally happen overnight but instead will be the result of strong, consistent action toward a new horizon. Transition from crisis to opportunity is a journey, and that journey is not always straightforward.

After five months in hospital I was allowed to go home. The occupational therapy team working with my insurance company had been to my home and several modifications had been made to the house to help me adjust. They had installed ramps and knocked out internal walls so I could get around more easily, and they had arranged for a new bathroom to be fitted. My office was also remodelled. The team really did an amazing job.

I was over the moon when I was told I could go home. The thought of sleeping in my own bed and waking up in the morning with my family around me — it felt like I’d won the lottery. When I arrived home via a special taxi that could accommodate wheelchairs it was obvious Kate ...

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