Software and Versions

This book covers a variety of APIs, but all fall underneath the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) umbrella. I’ve used the 1.3 version of this platform, which is the “latest and greatest” available. You can download J2EE 1.3 and find out more about it online at

The nature of application programming in the enterprise requires an application server on which to deploy your components. This requires a lot of vendor-specific deployment and packaging details. I’ve avoided these paradigms throughout the book, instead focusing on the vendor-neutral code that you will need to write. However, the appendixes at the end of this book detail deployment of various vendors’ tools, specifically BEA Weblogic, the most popular large-scale application server available. This is a J2EE 1.3 application server, so you will be set with it or any other 1.3-compatible server.

The source for the examples in this book is contained completely within the book itself. Both source and binary forms of all examples (including extensive Javadoc not necessarily included in the text) are available online at

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