Larry sends one hundred huzzahs each to:

Rebecca Gulick, editor extraordinaire. Thanks for thinking of me for this title and for being there to make sure it's done right. If it weren't for your excellent guidance over the years, I'd still be writing bad haikus in a Midwestern poetry sweatshop.

Liz Welch, for her attention to detail, her ability to impose consistency on an inconsistent writer, and for letting me use the word nefarious.

Connie Jeung-Mills and Kelli Kamel, who turn the assortment of digital flotsam I create into a readable book.

Rebecca Ross, for tidying up the contractual messes.

All of the other very good people at Peachpit Press—like Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Nancy Davis, Marjorie Baer, Suzie Lowey, Kim Lombardi, ...

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