2x2 matrix, 59

buzzwords, 63–64

innovation, 61

sustainability, performance drivers, 61

3P (Pollution Prevention Pays), 66


acid rain, 35

affluence, 31–32

antiglobalization demonstrators, 21

ApproTEC (Appropriate Technologies for Enterprise Creation), providing consumer surplus to BOP, 147

Aracruz Celulose, 48

Asian tsunami, economic effect of, 216–217

Asset Recyle Management, 12

auto industry, clean technology initiatives, 77–78

AUTOnomy project, 99


Bah Abba, Mohammed, 192

banking, multicredit loans, 72

base of pyramid (BOP), 15

becoming indigenous, 219–221

beggars, extending loans to, 174

benefits of greening initiatives, 14

Benyus, Janine, 173

“beyond greening” strategies, 14–16, 90

biomimicry, 33

birth rates, 32

BOP (base ...

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