Chapter 10 Presentation Graphics—More than Just SAS/GRAPH

10.1 Generating Box Plots

10.1.1  Using PROC BOXPLOT

10.1.2  Using PROC GPLOT and the SYMBOL Statement

10.1.3  Using PROC SHEWHART

10.2 SAS/GRAPH Specialty Techniques and Procedures

10.2.1  Building Your Own Graphics Font

10.2.2  Splitting a Text Line Using JUSTIFY=

10.2.3  Using Windows Fonts

10.2.4  Using PROC GKPI

10.3 PROC FREQ Graphics

SAS/GRAPH software has had the ability to create presentation-quality graphs since its introduction. Currently within SAS there are several graphing systems, with some of the newest innovations associated with ODS Statistical Graphics. Outside of ...

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