I could not have written this book if I had not been trained as a chartered accountant. In fact, finding the CA profession when I was a lost 23-year-old fresh out of university kind of saved me.

The CA profession has also recently given me the opportunity to teach and learn from other CAs. I give courses based on my books to CAs and other accountants in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Through these courses I have met many incredible minds, some of whom have been instrumental in developing the content of this book.

First of all I have to thank Kurt Rosentreter, CA, CFP, CLU, TEP, FMA, CIMA, FCSI, CIM (no, I'm not kidding!). I first met Kurt taking one of the courses that he offers to CAs. I have never met anyone with his knowledge, qualifications and ability to explain complex financial issues in plain language. My conversations with him over the issues in this book and the examples he relayed were instrumental in making the book something that I hope you will find easy to understand and helpful in your own quest for solid financial footing. Kurt's website is

There are also many other CAs who have provided valuable advice, feedback and encouragement, including Ron Graham, Phil Goldband, Jeff Goldberg, Peter Poulimenakos, Peter Shennett and Brian Quinlan.

I also have the privilege of hearing from other people who aren't CAs but nonetheless teach me invaluable lessons. One such person is Debbie Spence, one of the ...

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