A/D converter, 42
AAA (American Automobile Association), 111–112
caused by cellular telephone use, 111
reporting from cellular telephones, 112
Advanced Mobile Phone Service. See AMPS.
Alarms, 117–118
American Automobile Association. See AAA.
American Telephone & Telegraph Corporation. See AT&1L.
Amplitude-modulated signals. See AM signals.
AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service), 30–31, 134
AM signals, 48 (illus.). See also Signals.
Analog signals, 40–42, 41 (illus.), 144
Analog-to-digital converter. See A/D converter.
Ancient Greek signaling system, 16 (illus.)
Antenna heads. See Transceivers.
radiation from, 109–110
changing design of, 56–57
distributed, ...

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