All references to CentOS 5.0 in this book refer to the specific version 5.3.

With the CentOS operating system and the instructions provided in this book, you can transform your computers into free, safe, and powerful enterprise-class systems. Not only can you configure your server to share files, printers, web pages, or directory services to other computers, but you can also use CentOS on everyday workstations as well to benefit from its security and stability.

Because CentOS includes enterprise-class software, the skills you learn by using CentOS can be applied to work with the largest, most secure, and most diverse Linux systems in the world. Using this book is a great start for becoming a Linux professional.

Who You Are

You don't need to be a programmer to take advantage of this book. Perhaps you are someone who just wants to use Linux to run programs, access the Internet, and so on. Or, perhaps you are someone who wants to learn how to administer an enterprise-grade Linux system.

We assume that you are somewhat computer literate but may have little or no experience with Linux (or UNIX). You may be migrating from Microsoft operating systems to Linux because of its networking and multiuser features. You may be looking to start a career as a computer technician or network administrator and find that spending a few dollars for an entire operating system and book is more economical than taking those technical classes offered on late-night television. Or you might just ...

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