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1    Introduction and main concepts

Elbert E. N. Macau

2    Overview of digital communications

Ivan R. S. Casella, Aline de O. N. Panazio, and Murilo B. Loiola

3    Overview of dynamical systems and chaos

Luiz H. A. Monteiro

4    Basics of communications using chaos

Géza Kolumbán, Tamás Krébesz, Chi K. Tse, and Francis C. M. Lau

5    Chaos in optical communications

Apostolos Argyris and Dimitris Syvridis

6    Chaotic convergence of unsupervised equalizers

Romis Attux, Everton Z. Nadalin, João Marcos T. Romano, Diogo C. Soriano, and Ricardo Suyama

7    Matched filters for chaotic signals

Jonathan N. Blakely and Ned J. Corron

8    Channel equalization ...

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