Static (Class File) Checking with FindBugs™

FindBugs was written at the University of Maryland[5] as a tool to analyze compiled Java programs. Because it looks at the byte code rather than the source code,[6] it can find errors that source-based tools like PMD cannot, so the two programs complement each other (though they do overlap quite a bit). Like PMD, FindBugs can be used as a command-line tool, an Ant task, or an Eclipse plug-in. Unlike PMD, FindBugs provides a standalone GUI client; it does not provide plug-ins for Maven or for other IDEs. The FindBugs GUI provides its own project mechanism. I have not found this useful because my projects are already organized by the IDE I use, but if you're not using the supported IDE (Eclipse), you may find it useful.

Command-Line Usage

Getting started with the command-line interface (CLI) version of FindBugs can be as simple as downloading and extracting a Zip archive from the FindBugs Project page ( and running the provided batch file or shell script. By default this script will ...

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