Circuit analysis is often one of those weed-out classes in engineering schools. Either you pass the class to study engineering, or you don’t pass and start thinking about something else. Well, I don’t want you to get weeded out, because engineering is such a rewarding field. This book is here to help you make sense of circuit analysis concepts that may be puzzling you. Along the way, you explore a number of analytical tools that give you shortcuts and insight into circuit behavior.

You can take the tools you find here and apply them to whatever high-tech gizmo or craze is out there. And not only can you pass your class, but you can also take these concepts to the real world, enriching human lives with comfort and convenience and rewarding you with more time to do useful activities.

About This Book

Like all other For Dummies books, Circuit Analysis For Dummies isn’t a tutorial. Rather, it’s a reference book, which means you don’t have to read it from cover to cover, although you certainly can if that’s your preference. You can jump right to the topics or concepts you’re having trouble with. Either way, you’ll find helpful information along with some real-world examples of electrical concepts that may be hard to visualize otherwise.

Conventions Used in This Book

I use the following conventions throughout the text to make things consistent and easy to understand:

check.png New ...

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