Chapter 16. Electronics in Motion

There are many great examples of electronics to install in vehicles: radios, navigation devices, temperature and weather sensors, and audio gadgets. Vehicles have special conditions that builders and installers must take into account. This chapter gives you a look at some of the unique circumstances presented by mobile installations.

Learning About Mobile Installation

You have all the same installation considerations in a vehicle as you do at home — plus new issues such as vibration, temperature, and security to worry about. Just as when putting some new electronics to work at home, if you think things through first and take your time, you'll get the job done right without wasted effort. The key is to be informed!

Ask a dealer representing the manufacturer of your car for service bulletins or guides for installing mobile radios and stereos. Regardless of what you're actually installing, it will have much in common with this type of equipment. Because they sell so many cars and trucks to fleet owners, General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler, and Ford have Web sites or service bulletins discussing how to install radio equipment in their cars and trucks. These are excellent reading, whether you have one of their cars or not.

  • General Motors:

  • DaimlerChrysler:

  • Ford:

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