Cisco Digital Network Architecture: Intent-based Networking for the Enterprise, First Edition

Book description

The complete guide to transforming enterprise networks with Cisco DNA


As networks become more complex and dynamic, organizations need better ways to manage and secure them. With the Cisco Digital Network Architecture, network operators can run entire network fabrics as a single, programmable system by defining rules that span their devices and move with their users. Using Cisco intent-based networking, you spend less time programming devices, managing configurations, and troubleshooting problems so you have more time for driving value from your network, your applications, and most of all, your users.


This guide systematically introduces Cisco DNA, highlighting its business value propositions, design philosophy, tenets, blueprints, components, and solutions.Combining insider information with content previously scattered through multiple technical documents, it provides a single source for evaluation, planning, implementation, and operation.


The authors bring together authoritative insights for multiple business and technical audiences. Senior executives will learn how DNA can help them drive digital transformation for competitive advantage. Technical decision-makers will discover powerful emerging solutions for their specific needs. Architects will find essential recommendations, interdependencies, and caveats for planning deployments. Finally, network operators will learn how to use DNA Center’s modern interface to streamline, automate, and improve virtually any network management task.


· Accelerate the digital transformation of your business by adopting an intent-based network architecture that is open, extensible, and programmable

· Integrate virtualization, automation, analytics, and cloud services to streamline operations and create new business opportunities

· Dive deep into hardware, software, and protocol innovations that lay the programmable infrastructure foundation for DNA

· Virtualize advanced network functions for fast, easy, and flexible deployments

· Translate business intent into device configurations and simplify, scale, and automate network operations using controllers

· Use analytics to tune performance, plan capacity, prevent threats, and simplify troubleshooting

· Learn how Software-Defined Access improves network flexibility, security, mobility, visibility, and performance

· Use DNA Assurance to track the health of clients, network devices, and applications to reveal hundreds of actionable insights

· See how DNA Application Policy supports granular application recognition and end-to-end treatment, for even encrypted applications

· Identify malware, ransomware, and other threats in encrypted traffic

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. About the Authors
  5. About the Technical Reviewers
  6. Dedications
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Contents at a Glance
  9. Reader Services
  10. Contents
  11. Icons Used in This Book
  12. Command Syntax Conventions
  13. Foreword
    1. Fly by Wire
    2. Cisco DNA Center and the New Model of Networking
    3. The Network as Competitive Advantage
  14. Introduction
  15. Goals and Methods
  16. Who Should Read This Book?
  17. How This book Is Organized
  18. Figure Credits
  19. Chapter 1 Why Transform Your Business Digitally?
    1. Opportunities and Threats
    2. Digitally Transforming Industries
    3. Digitally Transforming Businesses
    4. Driving Digital Transformation with the Internet of Things
    5. Are You Ready?
    6. Summary
    7. Further Reading
  20. Chapter 2 The Business Value of Cisco DNA
    1. Business Requirements of the Network Architecture
    2. Intent-Based Networking
    3. Business Value of Cisco Digital Network Architecture
    4. Adding It All Up
    5. Summary
    6. Further Reading
  21. Chapter 3 Designing for Humans
    1. Technology Versus User-Experience
    2. Design Thinking Philosophy and Principles
    3. Cisco Design Thinking Framework
    4. The Cisco Design Thinking Journey for Cisco DNA
    5. Summary
    6. Further Reading
  22. Chapter 4 Introducing the Cisco Digital Network Architecture
    1. Requirements for Cisco DNA
    2. Architectural Principles
    3. Overview of the Cisco DNA Components
    4. Outcomes
    5. Summary
    6. Further Reading
  23. Chapter 5 The Cisco Digital Network Architecture Blueprint
    1. Cisco DNA Services
    2. Cisco DNA Infrastructure
    3. Automating Cisco DNA—Controllers
    4. Service Definition and Orchestration
    5. Analytics Platform
    6. On-Premises and Off-Premises Agnosticism—Revisiting the Cloud
    7. Summary
  24. Chapter 6 Introduction to Cisco DNA Infrastructure
    1. Picturing the Modern Network
    2. Exploring Cisco DNA Infrastructure
    3. The Evolving Network, and Why It Matters
    4. Cisco DNA Infrastructure Solutions
    5. Bringing It All Together
    6. Summary
  25. Chapter 7 Hardware Innovations
    1. The Importance of Hardware in a Software-Defined World
    2. The Making of a Chip
    3. What’s Happening in the World of Networks
    4. How Traditional Network ASICs Process Packets
    5. Traffic Handling with CPUs and FPGAs
    6. Introducing Flexible Silicon
    7. Flexible Switching Silicon: UADP
    8. Flexible Routing Silicon: QFP
    9. UADP and QFP—Summing Up
    10. Wireless: Providing Innovation for Mobility
    11. Summary
    12. Further Reading
  26. Chapter 8 Software Innovations
    1. The Importance and Evolution of Networking Software
    2. Cisco IOS: Origins and Evolution
    3. Evolution of Cisco Networking Software
    4. The Evolution of Cisco IOS to IOS XE
    5. Cisco IOS XE in a Nutshell
    6. Cisco IOS XE: Delving Deeper
    7. Cisco IOS XE: Bringing It All Together
    8. Cisco IOS XE: Platform Support
    9. Cisco IOS XE: Summary
    10. Protecting Platforms and Networks: Trustworthy Systems
    11. The Move to Intuitive Networking
    12. Summary
    13. Further Reading
  27. Chapter 9 Protocol Innovations
    1. Networking Protocols: Starting at the Bottom with Ethernet
    2. Moving Up the Stack
    3. Networking Protocols for the New Era of Networking
    4. Summary
    5. Further Reading
  28. Chapter 10 Cisco DNA Infrastructure—Virtualization
    1. Benefits of Network Function Virtualization
    2. Use Cases for Network Function Virtualization
    3. Overview of an NFV System Architecture
    4. Challenges and Deployment Considerations of Network Function Virtualization
    5. Transport Virtualization
    6. Summary
  29. Chapter 11 Cisco DNA Cloud
    1. Introduction to the Cloud
    2. Cisco DNA for the Cloud
    3. Summary
    4. Further Reading
  30. Chapter 12 Introduction to Cisco DNA Automation
    1. Why Automate?
    2. Is Cisco DNA Automation the Same as SDN?
    3. Automation Elements
    4. Summary
    5. Further Reading
  31. Chapter 13 Device Programmability
    1. Current State of Affairs
    2. Model-Based Data
    3. Protocols
    4. Telemetry
    5. Tools
    6. Application Hosting
    7. Summary
    8. Further Reading
  32. Chapter 14 Cisco DNA Automation
    1. The Increasing Importance of Automation
    2. Current Impediments to Automation
    3. Classifying Network Automation Tasks
    4. The Role of Controllers in Cisco DNA Automation
    5. Automating Your Network with Cisco DNA Center
    6. Summary
    7. Further Reading
  33. Chapter 15 Introduction to Cisco DNA Analytics
    1. A Definition of Analytics
    2. Cisco DNA Analytics
    3. Brief History of Network Analytics
    4. Why Cisco DNA Analytics?
    5. The Role of Network Analytics in Cisco DNA
    6. Summary
  34. Chapter 16 Cisco DNA Analytics Components
    1. Analytics Data Sources
    2. Cisco DNA Instrumentation
    3. Distributed Network Analytics
    4. Telemetry
    5. Analytics Engine
    6. The Role of the Cloud for Analytics
    7. Summary
    8. Further Reading
  35. Chapter 17 Cisco DNA Analytics Engines
    1. Why a Cisco DNA Analytics Engine?
    2. Cisco DNA Analytics Engines
    3. Cisco Network Data Platform
    4. Cisco Tetration Analytics
    5. Summary
    6. Further Reading
  36. Chapter 18 Cisco DNA Virtualization Solutions: Enterprise Network Functions Virtualization and Secure Agile Exchange
    1. The Cisco Strategy for Virtualization in the Enterprise
    2. Cisco Enterprise Network Functions Virtualization
    3. Virtualizing Connectivity to Untrusted Domains: Secure Agile Exchange
    4. Running Virtualized Applications and VNFs Inside IOS XE
    5. Summary
    6. Further Reading
  37. Chapter 19 Cisco DNA Software-Defined Access
    1. The Challenges of Enterprise Networks Today
    2. Software-Defined Access: A High-Level Overview
    3. SD-Access: A Fabric for the Enterprise
    4. SD-Access Case Study
    5. Summary
    6. Further Reading
  38. Chapter 20 Cisco DNA Application Policy
    1. Managing Applications in Cisco DNA Center
    2. What Happens “Under the Hood”?
    3. Translating Business Intent into Application Policy
    4. Cisco DNA Infrastructure Software Requirements for Application Policy
    5. Cisco DNA Infrastructure Platform-Specific Requirements for Application Policy
    6. Summary
    7. Further Reading
  39. Chapter 21 Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance
    1. Introduction to Cisco DNA Assurance
    2. The Architectural Requirements of a Self-Healing Network
    3. Cisco DNA Center Analytics and Assurance
    4. Summary
    5. Further Reading
  40. Chapter 22 Cisco DNA Encrypted Traffic Analytics
    1. Encrypted Malware Detection: Defining the Problem
    2. Encrypted Malware Detection: Defining the Solution
    3. Encrypted Malware Detection: The Solution in Action
    4. Encrypted Malware Detection: Putting It All Together
    5. Summary
  41. Chapter 23 Cisco DNA Evolution
  42. Index
  43. Code Snippets

Product information

  • Title: Cisco Digital Network Architecture: Intent-based Networking for the Enterprise, First Edition
  • Author(s): Tim Szigeti, David Zacks, Matthias Falkner, Simone Arena
  • Release date: December 2018
  • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
  • ISBN: 9780134723952