Chapter 2. Hello World

The next chapter will explain in detail how the ClojureScript compiler works, and its various options and their applications. But for now, you probably want to jump right in and get started.

Due to the relative youth of ClojureScript as a technology, there aren’t any highly standardized ways of working or best practices yet. What conventions there are tend to change frequently, and the built-in tools that ClojureScript ships with are somewhat low-level and labor-intensive to use.

Therefore, in the spirit of the Up and Running title of this book, we will recommend Leiningen and lein-cljsbuild as tools for getting started, and these will be introduced in this chapter and used throughout the rest of the book. They are more mature than other tools currently available, are relatively easy to use, work on all three major platforms (Windows, Linux, and OS X), and are likely to be around for some time.

Instructions for installing ClojureScript from source and running its lower-level, more primitive tools will also be included in Chapter 9. However, for most users, Leiningen should prove more than sufficient for both learning and real-world production use.

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