Appendix A. Further Reading

Page of Photos (PoP) Sample

The Page of Photos sample application is used throughout the book. Parts of it have already been implemented using Windows Azure to demonstrate ideas in the book. The code for Page of Photos (minimalist at first, then built out over time by the author and some accomplices) will be shared in a public repo on GitHub.

Resources From Preface and Chapters

  • “A Compuware analysis of 33 major retailers across 10 million home page views showed that a 1-second delay in page load time reduced conversions by 7%.” Source: Compuware, April 2011.

  • “Google observed that adding a 500-millisecond delay to page response time caused a 20% decrease in traffic” Source: Marissa Mayer, “What Google Knows” talk at Web 2.0 Conf 2006 (11/09/2006): ...

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