Chapter 6Transporters in Hepatotoxicity

Eleni Kotsampasakou, Sankalp Jain, Daniela Digles and Gerhard F. Ecker

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Wien, Austria

6.1 Introduction

Transmembrane transporters are essential for regulation of the uptake and efflux of endobiotics and xenobiotics at the cellular level as well as in barrier tissues (e.g., blood–brain barrier, kidney, liver, enterocytes). Among them, hepatic transporters possess a vital role, as the liver is the main organ of metabolism and detoxification [1, 2]. Figure 6.1 depicts the main hepatic transporters and their respective location in the hepatocyte. In the following section, we will briefly introduce their significance in selected liver toxicity manifestations.

Scheme for Transporters located in the hepatocyte.

Figure 6.1 Transporters located in the hepatocyte. The medium grey symbols represent the canalicular transporters and dark grey ones the basolateral transporters. Cycles represent uptake transporters and ellipses refer to efflux transporters. ...

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