Answers to Selected Exercises


Chapter 1

3. A compiler.

5. managed code

7. C++, Java, and C. One might include Visual Basic and Smalltalk.

9. MSIL code.

11. public and class are keywords. Square is an identifier. { is a punctuator.

13. = and *

17. Highest 10 % A, next 20% B, next 40 % C, next 20 % D, last 10 % F, for example

Chapter 2

1. a, b, f, g, and j are valid. c, d, e, and k use invalid characters. h starts with a digit, i is a keyword.

3. name, type

5. add initialization such as int number = 0;

7. The largest value is 2,147,483,647, and the smallest value is -2,147,483,648.

9. The program aborts with ...

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