It is my hope that this book accurately reflects the present state of crowdfunding and the nascent business of raising capital on the Internet. My coauthors and I began this project long ago with the idea that we'd be writing mostly about the deal-making aspects of crowdfunding. That is, writing about investment crowdfunding as our priority with other topics such as rewards-based crowdfunding as a secondary—and distant—interest. However, as the project developed (and as rules from the Securities and Exchange Commission were slow to materialize) we began to contemplate a book that captured a more well-rounded perspective on crowdfunding with a view toward what comes next.

Because of the rapidly changing industry we aimed to depict in the pages of this book, my coauthors and I were faced with a challenging task. I offer my coauthors gratitude for rising to the occasion and putting up with all the changes I requested as the project evolved. As with all collaborative texts (of which I've done a handful), it is only because of the hard work put forth by everyone involved in the project that this book went from idea to reality. So to my collaborators, thank you for participating and in the process, helping to define an exciting topic.

Although he is not officially listed as an editorial contributor to this book, I'd like to especially thank Todd Anderson. Todd had been our primary researcher on this topic at DealFlow Media. And because of this, I dragged him into the ...

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