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Culture and Leadership Across the World

Book Description

Culture and Leadership Across the World: The GLOBE Book of In-Depth Studies of 25 Societies is the second major publication of GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness), a groundbreaking, large-scale project on international management research featuring contributions from nearly 18,000 middle managers from 1,000 organizations in 62 countries, perhaps the largest project of its kind ever undertaken. This volume effectively presents a complex collection of global research addressing the culture of particular countries, leadership qualities within those countries, and recommendations on how managers should conduct business in countries other than their own.

A massive effort with a cross-cultural focus and broad international appeal, this book explores:

  • how leadership is conceptualized and enacted in its cultural milieu;
  • quantitative data including middle manager questionnaires, unobtrusive measurement, and participant observation data;
  • qualitative research from interviews, focus groups, and media analyses; and
  • theoretical and methodological pitfalls that arise in the effort to develop universal management theories.

This book is a coherent and well-organized presentation of the findings of the GLOBE Project and will appeal to scholars in leadership, management, international business, cultural studies; and also to practicing managers.

Table of Contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Culture and Leadership Across the World
  3. Lea’s Organization and Management Series
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright
  6. Contents
  7. Series Foreword
  8. Dedication
  9. Foreword
  10. About the Authors
  11. Preface
  12. 1 Introduction
  13. 2 Methodology
  14. I Nordic Europe Cluster
    1. 3 “Primus Inter Pares”: Leadership and Culture in Sweden
    2. 4 Culture and Leadership in Finland
  15. II Germanic Europe Cluster
    1. 5 Culture and Leadership in Austria
    2. 6 Societal Culture and Leadership in Germany
    3. 7 Culture and Leadership in a Flat Country: The Case of the Netherlands
    4. 8 Leadership and Culture in Switzerland—Theoretical and Empirical Findings
  16. III Anglo Cluster
    1. 9 The Australian Enigma
    2. 10 Inspirational Variations? Culture and Leadership in England
    3. 11 Leadership and Culture in the Republic of Ireland
    4. 12 Leadership and Culture in New Zealand
    5. 13 Culture and Leadership in South Africa
    6. 14 Leadership in the United States of America: The Leader as Cultural Hero
  17. IV Latin Europe Cluster
    1. 15 Universalism and Exceptionalism: French Business leadership
    2. 16 Leadership and Culture in Portugal
    3. 17 Managerial Culture and Leadership in Spain
  18. V Latin America Cluster
    1. 18 Argentina: A Crisis of Guidance
    2. 19 Colombia: The Human Relations Side of Enterprise
    3. 20 Societal Culture and Leadership in Mexico—A Portrait of Change
  19. VI Eastern Europe Cluster
    1. 21 Greece: From Ancient Myths to Modern Realities
    2. 22 Leadership and Culture in Russia: The Case of Transitional Economy
  20. VII Middle East Cluster
    1. 23 Leadership and Culture in Turkey: A Multifaceted Phenomenon
  21. VIII Confucian Asia Cluster
    1. 24 Chinese Culture and Leadership
    2. 25 Culture and Leadership in Hong Kong
    3. 26 Culture and Leadership in Singapore: Combination of the East and the West
  22. IX Southern Asia Cluster
    1. 27 India: Diversity and Complexity in Action
  23. X Sub-Saharan Africa Cluster
    1. 28 Culture and Leadership in 25 Societies: Integration, Conclusions, and Future Directions
  24. Appendix A: Societal Culture “As Is” and “Should Be” in 25/61 Globe Countries
  25. Appendix B: Culturally Endorsed Leadership Theories (CLTs) in 25/61 Globe Countries
  26. Authors Index
  27. Subject Index