This book would never have come into being had it not been for the ‘decision scientists’ from decode in the first place. Thank you for lifting the veil on how human beings really work. Also, for answering each and every question that this marketer could throw at you. I’ve lost count of the number of ‘aha’ moments I’ve had since we met!

In particular I would like to thank my colleagues Dr Christian Scheier, Dirk Held and Steve Baily for their awesome contributions. This book has flourished and blossomed thanks to their continued efforts and expertise.

Thanks, too, go to Annette Gräf for the illustrations, to Michaela Fay from John Wiley & Sons for being gentle with a virgin author, to Lainey for her love and support, to Mark Earls, Wendy Gordon, Sean Gogarty, Phil Chapman, Chris Barrow, Paul Fishlock, Philip Graves, Margaret Johnson and Professors Barwise, Camerer and Zurawicki for their enthusiastic advocacy and citations, and finally, to the bounteous Rory Sutherland for lending his considerable intellect and tireless enthusiasm to the new order of consumer understanding. I’m honoured that he has written the foreword.

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