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Dmitri NesterukDesign Patterns in .NEThttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4366-4_6

6. Singleton

Dmitri Nesteruk1 
St. Petersburg, c.St-Peterburg, Russia

When discussing which patterns to drop, we found that we still love them all. (Not really—I’m in favor of dropping Singleton. Its use is almost always a design smell.)

—Erich Gamma

The Singleton is the most hated design pattern in the (rather limited) history of design patterns. That said, however, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the Singleton: a toilet brush is not the most pleasant device either, but sometimes it is simply necessary.

The Singleton design pattern grew out of a very simple idea that you should only have one instance of a particular component ...

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