Chapter 26. Improving Design Capabilities in Individuals and Organizations

Improving Design Capabilities in Individuals and Organizations

The techniques and work practices in this book assume that you have both a certain amount of design skill and some ability to determine how you work with engineers and stakeholders. One or both may not be the case for you. So, how can you attain that skill or move your organization toward embracing design? The latter is worth a hefty book in itself, but hopefully this chapter will leave you with a few useful ideas about both topics.

Most designers have more ability to control and influence their own careers than to influence the entire organization; as you try to influence your organization, consider how to build your own skills—the better you are at your job, the more compelling your argument for design as an organizational priority will be.

Realizing Your Own Design Potential

Designing products in the digital age comes with plenty of frustrations. It's easy for designers—most of whom start out as idealists—to become disheartened and cynical when products don't ship or when others don't recognize the value of what we do. Some move from company to company, hoping to find one that will let them do design "right." Some leave the field when they realize that the world doesn't often live up to their ideals. Others stay in one place but give up, assuming they'll always be helpless to affect how their companies or clients ...

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