Appendix A. References


These are the online pattern libraries or collections that served as references for this book. Some well-known patterns appear to be duplicated in several libraries, but each author writes and illustrates them differently. You may find insight into some of this book’s patterns by reading their counterparts in these collections.

The Yahoo! Design Pattern Library:

User Interface Design Patterns:


Martijn van Welie’s Patterns in Interaction Design:


The Design of Sites book site:

Designing Web Interfaces book site:

Designing Social Interfaces book site:

Interface Design Patterns (emphasis on infographics):


Endeca User Interface Design Pattern Library (emphasis on search):

Peter Morville’s search and search-related patterns: provides a uniquely evidence-based library of interface design guidelines and recommendations. While not a pattern library as such, it is a valuable reference:

The following websites are not pattern collections, but they do contain ...

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