Learning Red Hat Linux and Learning Debian GNU Linux. B. McCarty. O'Reilly & Associates. Good introductory guides to setting up systems with these releases of Linux.

Learning the Unix Operating System. J. Peek, G. Todino, and J. Strang. O'Reilly & Associates. A concise introduction to Unix for the beginner.

The Linux Desk Reference. S. Hawkins and J. Brockmeier. Prentice Hall.

Linux in a Nutshell. Siever, et al. O'Reilly & Associates. A no-nonsense quick-reference guide to Linux commands.

Running Linux. M. Welsh and L. Kaufman. O'Reilly & Associates. A relatively comprehensive how-to guide for setting up a Linux system.

Unix for the Impatient. P. Abrahams and B. Larson. Addison Wesley. A detailed yet user-friendly presentation of everything a Unix user needs to know. (My first and still favorite Unix guide. CJG)

Unix in a Nutshell. A. Robbins. O'Reilly & Associates. A no-nonsense quick-reference guide to Unix commands.

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Essential System Administration. A. Frisch. O'Reilly & Associates. A detailed guide to administration of Unix systems.

Using csh & tcsh. P. DuBois. O'Reilly & Associates. A detailed guide to using two of the most common shell environments.

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Elements of Programming in Perl. A. L. Johnson. Manning ...

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