Frequently Used Symbols and Abbreviations

an, bn Fourier coefficients
AiCm, AiSm, Cross-interference coefficients
   AmCi, AmSi
ADC Analog-to-digital converter
BiCm, BiSm, Cross-interference coefficients
BmCi, BmSi
Cx(t) Autocovariance function
Cov[x, y] Covariance between x and y
d Distance between sensors
DAC Digital-to-analog converter
DASP Digital alias-free signal processing
DFT Discrete Fourier transform
DOA Direction of arrival
DSP Digital signal processing
E[ ] Expected value of [ ]
f Frequency (Hz)
fs Sampling frequency (Hz)
FFT Fast Fourier transform
Gxx(f) Autospectral density function
IDFT Inverse discrete Fourier transform
IFFT Inverse fast Fourier transform
mx Mean value of x(t)
nk,nx,ny Number of threshold levels
N Number of samples; number of sensors in an array
p(t) Probability density function
p(x, y) Two-dimensional probability density function
P Mean power
PRNG Pseudo-random number generator
q Quantization step
RF Radio frequencies
Rs(iΔf,t), Periodic rectangular functions
SFDR Spurious-free dynamic range
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
t Time variable
tk Time instants
tβ Half of confidence interval corresponding to confidence probability β
TDC Time-to-digital converter
Var [ ] Variance of [ ]
x(t), y(t) Signals
X(ω), Y(ω) Fourier transforms of x(t) and y(t) respectively
αii Coefficients characterizing signal decomposition in a rectangular function basis
δ Smallest ...

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